Grizzlies Timberwolves get pummeled five straight preseason Lee small cut 18 points plus 12 + 8

YORK, October 19 reported: Memphis Grizzlies continue preseason winning streak. Lee had 18 points, Allen scored 13 points, Pau Gasol had 12 points and eight rebounds to lead the team in offensive play climax between three or four sections, the Grizzlies extended their lead to 20 points or more, they are home to 90-68 victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves. Grizzlies got five straight preseason games, the Timberwolves record to 1 win and 4 losses. Grizzlies Lee scored 18 points, Allen scored 13 points, Pau Gasol had 12 points and eight rebounds, Conley had 12 points and five rebounds, Smith had 10 points, Green had 9 points and 6 rebounds. Minnesota Dieng had 12 points and seven rebounds, Muhammad had nine points and four rebounds, Kevin Garnett had 8 points and 4 rebounds, 7 Downs voted 2 to get 8 points and 7 rebounds, Wiggins 8 points.

Grizzlies put Allen into the starting lineup, the Timberwolves Rubio comeback competition. Conley at home performed well, he scored four points led his unit to 11-6 lead. Prince retaliate third, Wiggins made two free throws, the Timberwolves quickly catching up the score. After the two teams tied several attacks, two singles success Conley, Grizzlies to 20-15 lead five minutes the first section. Minnesota’s bench who performed well in the second quarter after the start, Bjelica thirds vote, Mohammed scored 5 points to lead the team to play 12-2 counterattack climax, the Timberwolves to 27-22 lead five minutes. Allen quickly responded four minutes, the Grizzlies to score catching. After the Timberwolves still continuous blacksmith, Lee led the team in three-pointers and a wave 9-1 spurt, the Grizzlies in four minutes before half-time to 35-28 lead seven minutes.

Downs sank two free throws four points led his unit to recover, but the Timberwolves after misfiring again, Pau Gasol scored 8 points led his unit to the end of the second quarter 10-0 spurt, the Grizzlies at halftime to 45 -32-leading 13 points. Grizzlies’ Pau Gasol and Allen each scored eight points in the first half; Minnesota’s Kevin Garnett scored eight points. Gasol scored four points starting the third quarter, Downs and Wiggins teamed force, they cut together 10 points, this section there are 5 minutes 55 seconds when the Timberwolves chase 46-53. Allen hit back three minutes to come forward, Li also find touch, he did not even get 4 points, the Grizzlies have three minutes and 30 seconds in the third quarter to 60-48 lead. Dieng two attack succeeded, Conley jumper back, Li-thirds vote, the Grizzlies at the end of the third quarter
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nba 2k 16 mt coins points. The last section shortly after the start of the two teams tied several attacks, Grizzlies set off another wave of offensive, Jones and Green, respectively Ja- thirds vote, they led the team to play 10-0 spurt, they took advantage of opened to 24 points. Mohammed layup pulled a large gap to prevent, Smith and Stephenson turns score, the Grizzlies to 88-61 lead with 27 points. Big score gap to race ahead into the garbage time, both sides make removal of the bench, and ultimately the Grizzlies to 90-68 win. Wolves starting lineup: Rubio, Wiggins, Prince, Kevin Garnett, Downs Grizzlies starting lineup: Conley, Lee, Allen, Randolph, Gasol.

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