He used to practice before the Declaration of 41 + 10

Curry led the Golden State Warriors came to Washington Wizards Verizon Center to BACK OFF. As a leader in the league so far this season has become a target of public criticism Warriors, Wizards and therefore before the great masters of Wall released relentless “We have a method to restrain them,” although the results during the race to lead the team to the Wall Warriors certain manufacturing difficulties, can libraries Lane with swan-third to 134: 121 Wall down in a nightmare(click nba 2k16 coins).

As of this season, the first team not invincible warrior outspoken person, Wall with strength and courage to capital commented. As 2010 champion Walter has experienced three quarters of grinding joined the ranks of the league’s top point guard. To place among the league season, he has only averaged 20 + 10 clubs, for outside players to reach that level is not easy, after all, to keep a season, averaging 10 assists the needs of all elements of talent, technology, team and so achieve a perfect balance between parties can be realized, and therefore even if the library is branching off, but after Paul Wall is the best point guard beat a chip.

Curry with different long-range shooting Walter is not very stable, change back before the break through their body, unmatched speed and transmission combination is strange sudden shook its unique alliance LOGO, in addition to its tough defense (season averaging 2.1) is also promoted him to the first league point guard the Group’s capital, so the tone of the other party under the rallying cry “we can beat the Warriors!”

Wall is not empty promises before, which made two rival “flaws” (Union clever player has research opponents habits, such as CJ Mike Haslem all super point guard has carefully examined, and the formation of notes) is the only invincible warrior The so-called weaknesses. First, you want to beat the Warriors on the boards so that they lose the source of life, the Warriors this season, only 10.3 offensive rebounds in the league 18; you can use to force the other to force the anti-warriors hit rate decreased, not because he is convinced that a ball long-term guarantees superb team can hit.

The results put it to the real game?

Curry first quarter against the Wizards face the entire defensive line and defensive point guard skills and then offer Wall, frequently shot beyond the arc to lead the Warriors next seven three-pointers in mind metamorphosis blasted 43 points, and only get 28 points for the Wizards , the first section 15 sub-sub-sub-name Wall difference face.

Wall into the second half almost led the team to fulfill his promise once will be sent out to two sharing, Curry again come forward with a third, a breakthrough, steals, assists and so on ten thousand kinds of magic once again opened the score, and from prison firmly control the situation in the game, until the Wizards to kill without interest.

Admittedly Wall blasted a season-high 41 points and 10 assists already amazing enough, you can place those Curry terrorist surrendered 51 points and seven rebounds, 2 assists and 3 steals, combined with Green’s three pairs of 24 points and soups God, libraries Ask Walter led the Warriors in the interpretation of what is impossible, MO dream! source:www.nbamtcoin.com

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