Heavy! Ibrahimovic AC Milan return phone calls himself


Ibrahimovic return to AC Milan? Swede from the Rossoneri since joining Paris Saint-Germain, this news would interruption. This year a new capital injection of AC Milan, Ibrahimovic return on the news more newspapers. After the previous broker after repeatedly denied Italian media yesterday came news that Ibrahim himself has personally statement, said he was willing to return to AC Milan.

“Sky Sports” last night reported that Ibrahimovic Galliani on the phone with the himself admitted, he was willing to return to the Rossoneri effectiveness. In Layiaola pull strings, with Zlatan Ibrahimovic Galliani had some conversation over the phone. Galliani asked sincere return to AC Milan Ibrahimovic effectiveness intention, while the Swedes are given a positive response. Ibrahim had said earlier, AC Milan is his only willing to return to the club. This time the move has been no sound of the Swedes, and this time be AC Milan reassures.But also cautioned Ibrahimovic, AC Milan and Paris Saint-Germain needs start negotiations. Personal preference is no problem, AC Milan need to let Paris side agreed to release. A few days ago Layiaola made ​​it clear that the transfer Ibrahimovic or not does not depend entirely on its own, will not let people in Paris, the President Nasser Paris have spoken to leave Ibrahimovic “NO . ”

But this is not insurmountable obstacles. “Italian football” analysis said, AC Milan Ibrahimovic to provide a three-year contract, which this year will be at least 34-year-old Swedish striker is undoubtedly a generous contract. And now Ibrahimovic contract with Paris summer expires next year, in the case of remaining contract year, if Ibrahimovic is really bent on going, I am afraid it is difficult not to be released in Paris, after all, no one wants to finally come to a personal wealth.

“Sky Sports” said Ibrahim himself after getting the answer may be set Galliani today will begin to move. He will be the first to get in touch with Nasser in the deal, to discuss the possibility of return to AC Milan’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

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