Hegemonic aspirations of data to help Barcelona Messi 9 consecutive Triple Crown season scoring 1

Phoenix sports news in the Champions League quarter-final first leg, Barcelona 3-1 away to Paris, the victory let the universe into four teams a strong foot, and in the “Marca” It seems remarkable offensive Barcelona in recent years to always maintain a strong one main reason. It is worth mentioning that, in the last 10 La Liga season, Barca have at least 3 people can break into double-digit scoring, but Messi is the ninth consecutive season scoring 10+.

2005-06 season, Barcelona’s trident is Eto’o, Ronaldinho and Larsson, these three players strengths, Eto’o is the center responsible for rattling, Ronaldinho is playmaker, Larson is a wealth of experience, his passing also benefit a lot to Barcelona, ​​and this trio, Eto’o scored 26 goals, Ronaldo scored 17 goals, Larsson also has 10 goals for Houston .

2006-07 season, Messi official host, Argentina King this season scored 14 goals, while Ronaldinho scored 21 goals, Eto’o also has 11 goals for Houston. 2007-08 season, Eto’o doing well on the offensive end, scoring 16 goals, Henry also has 12 goals fetched, but Bojan and Messi scored 10 goals at the same time. Although Messi scored much, but it gave him the foundation outbreak.

2008-09 season, Eto’o and Messi ushered while yielding season, which scored 30 goals in La Liga cheetah, which is Cameroon in Barcelona the most outstanding season, Messi scored 23 goals, and even the third striker Henry has recorded 19 goals, such data is too scary.

2009-10 season, Macy’s location to the middle, while Argentina King’s goal is to stimulate talent, scoring 34 league goals in a single season, that season, Ibrahimovic came to Barca, scoring 16 goals, Pedro then scored 12 goals.

2010-11 season, Messi scored 31 goals, continued steady play, while David Villa scored 18 goals, Pedro also has 13 goals for Houston, MVP portfolio sweep La Liga. 2011-12 season, Messi ushered in the horror of the season, he scored 50 league goals, although it makes the other players fire power is limited, but there are 11 balls fetched Sanchez, Harvey also scored 10 goals.

2012-13 season, Macy’s La Liga goals still remain in the terror level, 46 goals in a single season performance is still scared to Heaven, and small law and Villa were scored 11 goals and 10 goals, also very high light. 2013-14 season, Messi’s performance by injuries, but he scored 28 goals in a single season, Sanchez scored 19 goals, Pedro then scored 15 goals.

This season, Barcelona Trident restructuring, with Suarez joined Louis – Enrique’s team collect the MSN portfolio, while three of the goals have come 10+ figures, which Messi scored 34 goals , Neymar scored 18 goals, while Suarez is 10 ball fetched. Trident’s perfect to play in Barcelona in La Liga lead, in the King’s Cup stadium, they also enter the finals, but in the Champions League, Enrique’s team close to the semi-finals. If Barcelona winning the Triple Crown in the harvest season, then this is largely thanks to the high-handed performance of the team on the offensive end, and this is Barcelona in the last 10 years, continued at the peak of DNA.


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