Huang Bowen very pleased that the Orangemen will soon return into the team

November 9 pm, the Orangemen in Changsha continue preparing for the World Cup and Bhutan. Assistant coach Li Jinyu bring Huang Bowen attended the pre-match press conference. 3 coach after taking office, Huang Bowen Perrin has not been called up, this is the national football Huang Bowen for the first time 20 months after the return. Huang Bowen said, ‘very happy after hearing the news, he has been the target is this. Very pleased to return to
fifaultimateteams the national team, I will play out their own level.

No longer the national team, Huang Bowen can quickly Perrin tactical system? Huang Bowen replied: ‘has been watching himself in the national team, certainly will be very fast into the national team are former team-mates last night to Changsha, the night to catch a plane over, we have experienced in Hengda. two games a week, the recovery will certainly be a little faster. ‘As grown in Changsha Yazi, Huang Bowen return home for game looked very excited,’ just with Brother Yu (Li Jinyu) talk, but the place where I was a kid training, their primary school opposite the stadium in this, really looking forward to the game. ‘(Karl)

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