Huang playing underhand war is not cowardly to help save travel money Gamba

Tomorrow, Hengda will usher in the second round of the AFC Champions League semi-final battle of life and death, with the first leg 2: 1 advantage,
buy fifa coins unbeaten Hengda long as you can into the AFC final. Perhaps the club was suppressed for too long, the Japanese finally have a chance to enter the final, how can they easily let go? This does not, have the vast land area of ​​Yunnan comparable to Japan, do a good a return to ‘host’ First hotel issue. Hengda advance party booked in advance at the hotel, is the answer given by the Japanese side because the room is tight, can not coordinate much of twin rooms, this can only make some staff crowded into a big bed.

Room problem has not yet resolved the issue finished on new again, when Hengda ready for training when we found a water Hengda team to the stadium wearing workout clothes match. The reason is that the hotel actually called forgotten aspect of the training team sent to wash clothes, leading the team can only wear the 21st racing suit training. Which in the AFC Champions League history, but also the first time. One after another,
ut coin traders this is due to the Hengda four days in advance to the Osaka, in accordance with the provisions of the preceding two days only own site coordination. Hengda advance team contacted the three venues as an alternative, to avoid a case.

The results really are out of the fork head, and finally when the constant brigade arrived at the 18th Osaka, the two are temporary representation before contacting the site can not be used, called the Japanese to keep their promises, we will huh up. In the AFC history, the
cheap fifa 16 coins Chinese team in the rival disc outside the home suffered numerous strokes, especially Hengda staggering, off West Asia, South Korea and Australia, are making things difficult for opponents. 2013 season, Hengda final against Seoul FC, after the arrival of the first train was forced to cancel. Seoul originally provided 10 court alternative, but three days before Hengda arrival, Seoul suddenly called because all the court is responsible for the Korean Football Association, they must give their consent to use. Contact South Korea Football Association Hengda request assistance, but also communicate through the AFC and the Chinese Football Association. But Seoul has repeatedly delayed under the Hengda’s repeated questioning, she responded that it ‘is still meeting to discuss, temporarily unable to determine.’ 2013 season, fighting off challenges Jeonbuk Hyundai, Hengda hope to schedule before the conference team in 30 minutes before the 17:30 train, so the coach would not return twice Stadium. While Jeonbuk aspect insisted before the conference scheduled for 14:30, they think it is conducive to South Korean media work.

And last season, Hengda quarter-final first leg against West Sydney Rovers, before Hengda bus bound for the stadium broke down on the road, a pedestrian had walked Chenzheyese stadium game. We recognize that the weak as the Asian Football stage By comparison, the Chinese football strength with Japan, Korea, Australia there is a big gap. But thousands and thousands of factors that affect football, but in the end still have to speak in court by foot, so-called ‘underhand’ can only highlight your engagements counseling attitude. I hope Hengda soldiers can not affected by these factors, in their home, send them home, to help them save tolls. Source: Huang talk

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