Huang Zhang played surprises Hengda help fight Charge holiday in Hong Kong

National football tonight to usher in Changsha and Bhutan’s World Cup group match, the game, the Orangemen 12-0 rout of Bhutan, in the wild while fishing on goal difference after Perrin also allows high voices Zhang Zhe thin and Huang Bowen play, and both playing time is not short, the fate of Wu Xi Huang Bowen also served as a captain when, Perrin described to the foot of Huang Bowen face, but also with the goal Zhang Zhe rare return coach to his trust.

fifa 17 coins most important thing is the game, Zheng Zhi, Zheng and Zhang Lin and other rival players get rested, fighting off under a Hong Kong Chinese, the national football will usher in life and death battle. National football game at halftime to get seven goals lead, in fact, the face of this with the help of the Bhutanese team composed of amateur players, national football win and without any problems, the biggest question is, can this national football in the end the ball in Bhutan How many teams get a goal difference, although in the final second of the four best teams contrast, with Bhutan’s achievement may not be considered valid results, but more than fishing on goal difference for the national football team for this second decisive significance.

Only get beat Chinese Hong Kong obtain the second group, will have the opportunity to become the best that the four grades of the second group into the top 12. The game mad receive 12 goal difference, the Orangemen have to overtake China in Hong Kong, in contrast to goal difference. The national team training camp, Perrin finally bring the previous high voice Huang Bowen and Zhang Zhe rare, although they did not start playing, but there are half finished, replaced Huang Bowen scored twice in the big treasure, And Zhang Zhe rare second half are just beginning to get the opportunity to play. Wu Xi Huang Bowen was substituted when it served as a captain, Perrin human touch full, while Zhang Zhe rare are the final moments of the Perrin scored 1 goal back trust in him. Most importantly, Perrin original game but also the main unshakeable Zheng, Zhang Lin, Zheng Long, Hengda internationals holiday, but Wu Lei children because the wife has been Perrin’s leave of absence, and that of the national
fifa 17 coins team training camp players played arrangements, Perrin are very human.

National football game is not very important, the end of the game away to China, Hong Kong is the top priority, the Orangemen beat Hong Kong, China on the road only have access to the second group, and beat Hong Kong, China from the current perspective, there are still some difficulties, because naturalized players there, so the national football can win the game full of doubt. Once the road loss, so the 2018 Russian national football World Cup journey will draw to an end, the campaign against Bhutan, Perrin arrangements Zheng, Zhang Lin and Zheng Hengda help holiday very reasonable, most importantly, the Orangemen in Without this presence of several people still made nearly 15 years, the largest victory worth celebrating, but by this victory, the national football players also gain confidence, which is preparing for Hong Kong is tantamount to a double surprise. (Chen Xiaowei)

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