Inventory Hengda West Tour The reversal of Al Ittihad beat upstart service

2015 AFC Champions League final first leg last season, Guangzhou Hengda away to Al Ahly, the game, Guangzhou Hengda 0-0 draw with rivals to get out. Prior to this, Hengda respectively, in the 2012 season and the 2013 season, the AFC AFC West twice played at the stadium were made wins and 1 loss record, but the 2012 season has been impressive reversal, Lippi led ball
fifa 17 coins team in the West can not resist the devil away opponents crazy attack, ultimately defeated 2-4.

Here, we have to count three times Hengda Valencia trip. Quarter-final first leg of the 2012 season Hengda 2-4 Al Ittihad 20 September 2012, the 2012 season to start the first leg of the AFC Champions League quarter-knockout focus in a duel, the Super League champions Guangzhou Hengda away to two Saudi Al Ittihad AFC session winner team. The first 27 minutes, Gao Lin burst shooting break to help Hengda the first to break the deadlock, but only one minute later, Al Ittihad on the Diego – Sosa Lightning tie; Match the first 37 minutes, Muric injury was replaced Huang Bowen, which has become a turning point in the game; the game the first 39 minutes, Barrios header hit the crossbar, back to do the hole card restricted area, Huang Bowen on the first shot to break the ball; the game the first 49 minutes, FengXiaoTing foul inside the penalty area, Noor take a penalty shot to tie the game; the game the first 62 minutes, Ha Zhazi break to help the home team ahead; Match the first 89 minutes, Ha Zhazi beat Feng Xiaoting headed home again.

90 minutes of fighting, Guangzhou Hengda away 2 to 4 loss to Al Ittihad. The two sides clash was on the second leg at 20:00 on October 2nd, although returned to Tianhe Stadium, but Hengda and not be able to complete reversal, the final two round total score of 4-5 to be eliminated. Hengda 2013 season, the second leg of the quarterfinals 4-1 Lech Segovia 2013 AFC Champions League quarter-finals last season in the second leg match, away to Guangzhou Hengda China Lech Via Qatar team. In the first leg clash, the Guangzhou Heng brigade at home 2-0 victory over Lech Pavia. The game as long as the road is not a net negative Lech Via three goals or more, Hengda team history will be the first time reached the AFC Champions League semi-finals. The game Hengda did not disappoint, with constant brigade frontcourt trident attack Elkeson scored twice and the hole cards, Muric goal, 4-1 away victory over upstart Lech Qatar Latvia, with a total score of 6-1 out of opponents, head into the AFC 4 strong.

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