Jaguars quarterback Bot Wales acromioclavicular joint sprain

Jacksonville Jaguars announced quarterback Blake – Bot Wales (Blake Bortles) in the team to 38-31 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game acromioclavicular joint sprain. Bot Wales Injured finish the race, the team did not clearly indicate whether the injured shoulder and the side of the
madden 16 coins ball. Coach Gus – Bradley (Gus Bradley) said that the injury is not serious, even Bot Wales also missed Wednesday’s training does not have to worry. Match, Bot Scholes pass 33 times, completed 23 times, advancing 303 yards, while complete four touchdowns, 1 steals, quarterback passing score 125.4.

In passing touchdowns, and scores have hit a career high. Bot Wales does not lack offensive weapons, along with tight end Julius – Thomas (Julius Thomas) return, he will partner Alan – Robinson (Allen Robinson) and Allen – Hearns (Allen Hurns) led ball team offensive team forward. On the other hand, the performance of the offensive line needs to continue to
cheap mut 16 coins progress, the whole game Bot Wales captured and killed six.

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