James 1 minute away All-Star Kobe Bryant scoring total

This All-Star Game before the war, Bryant has played 14 times All-Star Game, where he started the 1997-98 season to the 2008-09 season, played in 11 consecutive seasons. 2009-10 season, the 2013-14 season and 2014-15 season, Bryant did not play because of injury. Wherein the 2009-10 season, Jason – Jason Kidd replace Bryant starter. 2013-14 season, Bryant injured, Anthony – Davis replaced him places he’s starting position is James – Harden replaced. 2014-15 season, Bryant continued absence, Demarcus – Cousins ​​replace the All-Star Kobe Bryant(more buy mt 2k16).

The 14th All-Star campaign, Bryant hit a ball 115 to give 280 points, which allow Bryant became the NBA All-Star Game history total score, total scorer; in addition, Bryant has 37 steals maintained All-star game steals record.

And Kobe Bryant came in behind, LeBron – James. James participated in the 11-time All-Star, hit a total of 113 balls, got 278 points. James than only All-Star Kobe Bryant scored less total 2 points, only the total number of goals less two. According to James play, he is not surprising that this year more than Bryant.

It is as if a kind of reincarnation – – 2003 All-Star Game in Atlanta, it was Michael – Michael Jordan’s All-Star last session. It was fantastic all-star session, the first year Jordan did not actually vote by All-Star starter, his votes were less than many popular players, even more than this – Wallace even less. North Carolina finally Vince Young – Jordan Carter to make a starting position (Allen – Allen Iverson also contact Jordan, willing to sell starting position, but Jordan refused, in addition McGrady also expressed their willingness to sell the starting position) .

In the 2003 All-Star last 5 seconds of normal time, Jordan Shawn – Marion under personal defense, sharp shooting drift back to help the east to 138-136 lead. But in the end, Jermaine O’Neal – Bryant fouls from behind the arc on the Bryant free throw line, 2 penalty in Kobe 3 game dragged into overtime, but Kevin – Kevin Garnett played well in overtime, clinch tall modeling amazing MVP trophy.

In 2003, Bryant free throws will already belong to the All-Star MVP Michael Jordan indirect away, it is reincarnation of an era; today, James Bryant also completed beyond, this is an era of rebirth.

1 minute 06 seconds, Kobe Bryant early end, accepted the fans in the audience cheering and clapping. At this time, his data was 4 of 11 shots, 10 points, 6 rebounds and 7 assists, 1 steal; and James the data is 13 vote 6, scored 13 points and 4 rebounds and 7 assists.

This is a very delicate cycle: in the fourth quarter, James did not play the whole festival, early in the Kobe Bryant playing time left. If Kobe can hit a ball in the fourth quarter, then he will continue to maintain their all-star total score, total scoring record, but Bryant in the fourth quarter played 4 minutes and 33 seconds, 2 0 vote, did not score Houston. From Bryant’s performance, he also seemed to deliberately not score, but why James left the record.more www.nbamtcoin.com

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