Jefferson had 14 points cut waiting season 3 war efficient Zhan Huang finally got the avatars

YORK, October 16 reported: 85-107 Cavaliers lost to the Pacers, 5 preseason game losing streak, the new aid Richard – Jefferson played 24 minutes, 6-9 in 14 minutes 3 rebounds and two steals, a play on the Bucks, LeBron James was escorted home when sick sidelines, Blatter said he could not play the rest of the preseason, the playoffs
nba 2k16 mt points last season, Le Brown led his unit failed to slaving aspirations, now Jefferson played three consecutive games played and efficient, he will become the best substitute LeBron do?

Cavaliers preseason opener loss to the Eagles, Jefferson 2 of 9 shooting only 7 points, the race he had to kill a ball straight to the basket vigorously dunks, stunned the sidelines LeBron, Lufkin sit still thereafter Jefferson state a better game, against the Grizzlies got 11 points from the beginning, he three consecutive games scoring in double figures, and the Bucks battle despite 2 5, but 12 penalty free throw line 11, play the Knights of the coaching staff to make satisfactory destruction.

About Jefferson, Chinese fans should remember two things, first: use all the Nets had 20 + 4 + 3 single change he Yi Jianlian. Second: The Bucks beat the San Antonio Spurs after the season to move into the arm, just one season, he averaged 7.3 points shrink. Jefferson is now working hard 13-year veteran in the league last season in Dallas, he averaged only 5.8 points are.truce because LeBron, the Cavaliers before the Pacers lineup neat performance no resistance, was beaten 5-0 start, then half-section less than 11 points behind, the only performance is pretty good is Jefferson, he soared in the outside third, and reached the basket storm succeeded, the second section back, the Cavaliers made him more determined main attack, he did not live up
nba mt points to the trust the coach, not in front of the dialogue and George strive.

Age put in there, Jefferson would have gone the peak of power, can experience the past 13 years in six different team effectiveness so that he has a wealth of game experience, quite a bit sophisticate style, back in the second half to the court, Jefferson, raising his hand and then in thirds, the Mavericks last season in his third hit rate of 42.6%, a record high second career. Soon, Jefferson was replaced the rest, the Cavaliers began to experiment with the rotation, he has maintained a double-digit gap in early so that the outcome is not suspense, and ultimately Cavaliers 85-107 loss to the Pacers suffered five straight, a few preseason games to play down their only harvest perhaps LeBron found the substitute Jefferson, let Zhan Huang regular season playing time to get more effective control.

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