Jordan exposed small desire to leave the team to join the Rockets

According to well-known NBA reporter Stephen-A Smith reported that, according to his information, Los Angeles Clippers starting center Jordan Jordan hopes to leave the Clippers, and he longs to be traded to the Rockets.

Yesterday’s Clippers home game against the rocket is full of thick gunpowder, two teams of players in physical conflict, especially Paul and Griffin, the old gold portfolio also took a quarrel.

Speaking of the clash, well-known NBA reporter Stephen-A Smith pointed out that Chris Paul gave up last summer and the Clippers renew a total contract price of 200 million U.S. dollars all want to leave there, plus yesterday, Paul and former teammates It is enough to prove that the contradictions between Paul and Rivers, father and son, and Griffin actually exist.

In addition, Stephen-A Smith also broke the news that according to his information, Jordan hopes to be traded to the Rockets.

Little Jordan can become a free agent this summer, and he has deep trading rumors. His desire to join the Rockets should be a reasonable thing. First of all, Houston is Jordan’s hometown; next, Jordan and Paul’s relationship is very good. Yesterday, before the start of the rocket and the Clippers, Paul and Jordan Jordan hugged each other in court, in stark contrast to Paul and Griffin’s tense. click here to buy

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