Jose Terry personally dig people were rejected

Chelsea wants to add a good summer in Zhongwei, so they have always wanted to buy Everton Stones Zhongwei. But now Chelsea plan poaching has encountered a serious blow, Everton boss Roberto Martinez in an interview directly to announce the stones is not for sale.

Chelsea are looking to buy stones, this is the transfer market open secret blues in order to get the potential Zhongwei, not hesitate to raise its offer twice, which have been refused to Everton. But the Toffees rejected, but did not let Chelsea. Mourinho and captain Chelsea Terry, were previously open sound lure stones. Two Blues chiefs of discourse, let Everton boss Roberto Martinez was furious, he openly Chelsea “in violation of the provisions of”, because they must not talk publicly about other club players in the future.

Now Martinez’s voice again, Chelsea tried to completely dispel the idea of poaching stones. Martinez said: “the other team concerned and inquiry of my players, I would never like to, on the contrary, this is a very good description of my players, this makes them able to attract the interest of others. But I want to emphasize that it is not selling, stones, this is the end of the story.” Martinez directly on the attitude, that is Stones is not to sell goods.

For the stones, Martinez went on to say: “I think he in last weekend’s performance is very good, is under the help of he and Phil Jagielka and Barry, the team only from the difficulties out. For a young player, it is good to be able to do so in the face of adversity.” Last weekend Everton in a 2-2 draw at Watford, stones let Martinez very satisfied, and this also strengthened the Everton refused to sell people’s attitude.

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