Kanmu – Newton’s bye week plan of life

Carolina Panthers this week’s bye week to rest, now 4-0 for the team, which seems to come a bit early. Because a week later they will face the winner of the 2nd National League Seattle Seahawks. The team’s quarterback Kanmu – Newton (Cam Newton) said that although this week so that your body is not suitable for a break, but this is the
mut coins idea of ​​his thoughts. He said he plans to let himself relax.

He will return to his hometown of Atlanta, spent the weekend with his family, and went to see a brother’s high school high school football game, a trip to go on Sunday when church. Anyway Seahawks will face next week for the biggest test of the Panthers and Newton, Newton said he does not care about the scene of the noise, the team only just finished four games
cheap mut 16 coins only, he hopes the team can finish 19 games this season, game.

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