Kelly sent dunk quasi-lore! Lectra Lakers Blazers with 17 points Clarkson

YORK, October 20 reported: Los Angeles Lakers got the winning streak in the preseason. Clarkson had 17 points, and Russell Young each scored 12 points, Russell, the fourth critical moment to help the team scoring lead, Portland Trail Blazers comeback before the whistle scored 5 points chase into 102 level, Kelly pointer with two seconds before break dunk into quasi-lore, Lai Feng missed the buzzer to tie the shooting, the Lakers at home to beat the Trail Blazers 104-102. The Lakers made two game winning streak, the Blazers end two-game winning streak.

Clarkson Lakers had 17 points, four rebounds and three assists, Young scored 12 points and four rebounds, Russell had 12 points, J- Brown had 10 points and 3 assists, 9 points and 4
buy mt nba 2k16 Kelly rebounds, Hu Huertas had 8 points and 8 assists, Blake 8 points and 6 rebounds, Randall 0 3 vote to get 2 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists. Blazers Lillard had 20 points and six assists, 15 points and Huck Les 5 rebounds, McCollum had 10 points and four rebounds, Crabbe scored 10 points, scored nine Pula Bromley points, Feng Levin 8 1 vote 3 points and 10 rebounds. Lakers Kobe Bryant sidelined again, the Blazers Lillard continue starting. After the start of the Trail Blazers to become masters, Lillard and Leonard were cast in the third, they led the team to 12-5 lead. Clarkson hit back four points to help the Lakers to stabilize the situation, Lillard keeping aggressive throws three balls, Crabbe empty then layup, the Blazers in the first section there are 3 minutes to lead 21-13. Hibbert in the paint scoring storm force twice, Clarkson also two singles success, the Lakers to 21-25 behind four points over the first quarter. McCollum even in two three-pointers to open the second quarter, the Blazers to 31-23 lead eight minutes.

J- feel good Brown scored four points, Blake also scored two attacks, they led the team to play 13-5 counterattack climax, 5 minutes and 20 seconds before halftime when the Lakers chase into 36 levels. Blazers suspend layup, Bass, Black and Brown each had two points, the Lakers before half 1 minute 20 seconds to 45-42 lead three minutes. Feng Levin hit 3 successful, Frazier scored a breakthrough, the two sides at halftime with 47 flat shake hands. Hack Trail Blazers scored 11 points in the first half-Royce, Lillard and McCollum each scored 8 points; Clarkson Lakers scored nine points. After the third quarter began to send more than the Lakers bench, Lillard scored 5 points to lead the team played a small climax 12-3, the Blazers made 9-point lead. Clarkson sank two free throws to stop the gap widened, Yang also open attack mode Glenealy 5 points to lead the team to counterattack wave hit 11-5, the Lakers chase 63-66. The two sides after a few attack, Lillard hit 3 successful, when the end of the three Blazers to 74-72 lead two minutes. Both sides have a bit in the last section of the beginning, Kelly-thirds vote, he led the team played 7-0 spurt, the Lakers lead to 83-79 lead four minutes. Trail Blazers after a pause outside bet, Crabbe two-thirds vote, they narrow the gap to 2 points, Kelly third shot fouls, three free
2k16 mt throws, Russell hit a jumper, the Lakers in the fourth quarter also there are 3 minutes and 25 seconds to 92-87 lead. Kaman hit a jumper, Russell played offensive threat, he scored two consecutive singles, fourth quarter and 2 minutes and 55 seconds when the Lakers lead to 94-87.

Blazers suspend Hou Kaman missed a jumper, Metta World Peace layup, Russell again hit a jumper, the Lakers to 98-89 lead nine minutes. Blazers appeared very tenacious, after Feng Levin lost the next two three-pointers, hit a two-thirds vote grab Plessy, Johnson scored a breakthrough, the fourth quarter also 27.7 seconds when the Blazers 94-98 chase. Russell made two free throws, Connaughton third shot fouls, three free throws, the Blazers trailed by 3 points. Brown made two free throws, not in the third Lai Feng, Kaman second-chance points, Kelly passing errors, steals Plessy, Connaughton Quanding third shot hit the fourth quarter when there is 4.8 seconds Blazers Team 102 pull level. After the Lakers pause, Kelly break dunk, the fourth quarter and 2 seconds when the Lakers 104-102 lead. Feng Lai buzzer jumper, the Blazers lost. Blazers starting lineup: Lillard, McCollum, Huck Royce, Leonard, Pula Bromley Lakers starting lineup: Russell, Clarkson, Brown, Randall, Hibbert

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