Knight wins calf

Cleveland Cavaliers at home to 99-98 victory over the Dallas Mavericks. Knight starting power forward Kevin – Loew 33 minutes, 8 of 19 shooting, scored 23 points and added a game-high 18 rebounds, including four offensive rebounds(more nba 2k16 mt for sale).

This season, Loew can really into the Knights of the tactical system remains to be a big question. If we simply averaged data, the Loew’s performance this season may not be above the season. But in fact, he was somewhat underestimated the role of both ends in the outside world.

Official website data show that: So far this season, when Loew presence knight per 100 possessions margin of victory of 8.6 points; when Loew end, Knight per 100 possessions margin of victory of only 1.7 points.

From the point of view throughout the season, Loew in the first month were very strong, averaging 20 points and 12 rebounds, three-point shooting rate of 41.2%. But since Carey – Owen after comeback, Loew’s role is weakened significantly, the data also fallen sharply, especially in the score. Since the end of the All-Star break, Loew outside prospective heart dropped a lot. So far in March, he averaged 13 points, shooting percentage and three-point shooting rate of only 32% and 16%.

Cavaliers face the Mavericks today, although James holiday, but the calf is discharged from a small lineup, 38-year-old Dirk play center, as the starting power forward Chandler – Parsons. Faced with exercise capacity relative to the average calf striker, Loew advantage on the offensive end can be a good play. The game, play inside Loew frequency increased significantly. Even if the first vote of no progress, Loew also through positive scraping rebounds to cause secondary destruction, or whether it is tipped to hit free throws.

Although the Mavericks in the second half of the second quarter hit a wave of attacks climax 19-2 and continue to reduce the points difference, but since the third quarter began, under the leadership of Owen and Loew, leading the Cavaliers to re-lay the great Advantage.

For most of the game, Loew’s attack fairly efficient, but in the critical fourth quarter, the Mavericks again play a wave of strong counterattack. But the Cavaliers side, Loew slightly less than the ability to end the game, the last three minutes left when the left rear, inside and outside third Loew does not feed continuous layup, the Mavericks once the results will be sent out to behind only 2 points.

The last 3 minutes, although Loew did not score, but he sent Owen a layup assists, the Cavaliers finally struggled to win the game. read more

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