Knights of light for six straight preseason injury generals Carrefour is gratifying to learn

Original title: knight light for six straight
NBA MT Points preseason injury is the general Carrefour welcomes news NBA preseason continues, straight rhythm Cavaliers continued, yesterday they lost 81 to 87 Raptors , lost six straight preseason, so far without victory. In this regard, the coach Sepp Blatter does not care, he valued the team can tidy lineup to meet the new regular season, the big striker Lufkin comeback yesterday, so handsome cloth very happy. Zhan Huang strong comeback LeBron truce Lufkin middot; James still sidelined, the Cavaliers are still 64 more than in the first three quarters kick 60 lead. The fourth quarter, both sides make removal squad, the Raptors took the opportunity to go-ahead score, the big bang to 87 than 81 to seal the victory.

Loew playing time is limited to 13 minutes, the audience his seven shots 2, the last five shots all missed, get 6 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals, 1 cap. Last
NBA 2K16 Points season, most of the time cruising around Lufkin three-point line, and yesterday he hit two jumpers, all from the basket close, Loew’s explanation was, ‘I want to play more to the restricted area, so to shoot and as in the past rebounding, throwing himself into the penalty area, become more aggressive, today’s match was a good beginning. ‘He also admitted that after the return, the body feels very good,’ Now the body is very comfortable, feeling better than Before a lot better. ‘handsome cloth Charge valued players healthy preseason Knights lost all six games, coach Sepp Blatter not worry,’ I’m not worried record, obviously I’m more concerned about the healthy players greet the regular season opener, I hope that time all the players can return to the court, to usher in a good start, ‘Knight yesterday to welcome back an important member of the wounded – the first time in the playoffs last season after the return of injured stadium Loew.

You know, since the first round of the
MT Coins playoffs last season after back injury, Loew would have never played the game but he was always trying to recover, his body is now kept great, the stadium the state is also good, of course, to get back the rhythm and familiarity with the game of the game, he will have to spend some time …… he can come back, I really feel very happy. ‘Joachim Blatter was delighted to make the return, he also spoke of a pass from behind the second section of Lufkin after completion of steals, ‘I did not realize he had such a hand …… maybe the offseason, he has strengthened his skills in this area. ‘Beijing Morning News reporter Kang Cedar Original title: knight light for six straight preseason injury generals Carrefour is happy PRESS RELEASE Source: People Author:

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