La Liga ‘MSN’ get 6-0

2014/15 season, the Spanish Football League 34th round of a focus on war started competing at the Nou Camp, Barcelona home 6-0 Great Getafe wins. Messi scored twice and Suarez are plus assists, Neymar and Harvey mass shooting meritorious deeds.MSN combination has scored 102 goals this season. Barca lead Real Madrid five points a game.

Barcelona nearly six league game against Getafe 4 wins, 2 draws, nearly 14 league games against Getafe only a negative one. The two sides clash league history, 21 games, Barcelona 14 wins, 5 draws and 2 losses prevail, including 7 wins, 3 draws and remain unbeaten. Enrique in the backcourt rotation 4, Harvey, Mathieu, Baltra and Adriano starter. Nepal audience before the earthquake victims in silence.

Xavi and Messi were passing, shot twice in the right side Alves were the lack of sufficient threat. Barcelona ninth minute lead on Arroyo Suarez foul penalty area, Messi chipped penalty kick hit. With  hoisting corner from 12 yards, the ball slightly higher. Getafe nearly equalized on 15 minutes,  edge of the area at Baltra defensive lob, attack Bravo turned back to catch, the ball at the goal line hit.

Barcelona connected to the 3 ball within 6 minutes to expand the score, the first 25 minutes, Messi on the right pass, Suarez 10 yards before the point sideways volley fire near corner net, 2-0. The first 28 minutes, Suarez breaking ball, Neymar restricted left side 12 yards after dispossessing Vera Vazquez into near corner, 3-0. This is his first 32 goals this season, which scored 20 league goals. MSN combination scored 100 goals this season. The first 30 minutes, Harvey left with Neymar after kicking the wall with 20 yards curve ball launched into the far corner, 4-0.

The first 40 minutes, Messi with Neymar after kicking the wall with the breaking ball, Harvey heel pass, Suarez left edge of the area launched into the far corner, 5-0. This is his first 21 goals this season, which scored 13 league goals. The first 43 minutes, Messi breaking ball, Adriano a small area outside the upper left corner low shot into the far corner just wide. Getafe La Liga history first half lost 5 balls.

Sergio – Roberto second half, replaced by Busquets. The first 47 minutes, Suarez cross, Messi restricted the right of 12 yards launched into the upper left corner, 6-0. This is the first of his 49 goals this season, 48 games in which scored 38 league goals. Getafe bench Evie fired wide from 12 yards. Harvey replaced by Pedro.Messi pass, Neymar left the restricted area shot was blocked, Suarez and then shot a little higher. Finally Barcelona Montoya replaced Alves.

Suarez 25 yards shot was confiscated. Suarez pass, Messi left the restricted area small-angle shot was denied by the legs Guaita near corner. Messi 20 yards free kick direct shot was saved Guaita flying. Right pass, 12 yards Baltra header was confiscated. Barcelona 6-0 final victory, refresh to match the biggest margin of victory in La Liga record on both sides. Barca lead Real Madrid game in 5 minutes.

Barcelona Lineup (4-3-3): 13 Bravo; 22- Alves (68 ‘, 2 Montoya), 15-Baltra, 24 Mathieu, 21-Adria Connaught; 6- Xavi (59 ‘, 7 Pedro), 5 Busquets (46’, 20-Sergio – Roberto), 12 Rafinha; 10- Messi, 9 – Suarez, 11 Neymar

Getafe Lineup (4-2-3-1): 25-Guaita; 12- Arroyo, 2-Alexis, 4 Vera Vasquez, 3 Lago; 8- laatzen 22-Juan – Rodriguez (65 ‘and the 36-Philip); 14- Pedro – Leon (76’, 18 Escudero), Amy 32-, 23- Hines Tosa; 15- Baba (49, 26- Evie)



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