Lightning lost to the Steelers audience pressed distal counterattack

Beijing at 8:30 on October 13, San Diego Chargers team at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Because Steelers quarterback Ben – Rose Rees Berg (Ben Roethlisberger) has not yet recovered from, it is still the backup quarterback Mike – Vic (Mike Vick) as the starter. Match Steelers 24:20. Steelers start first strike, hit the ground tactical options forward, the main running back Le Weiang – Bell (Le’Veon Bell) became the most important point of attack, but has never been able to attack to the other half. On the other hand, when the Lightning team took advantage of the Steelers defense group has not yet entered the state, with the main quarterback Philip – Rivers (Philip Rivers) and tight end Antonio old partner – Gates
nfl 16 madden coins (Antonio Gates) the number of successful connections eventually get touchdowns, which is the Gates 100th career touchdowns. 0: 7 score remained until the last four minutes left in the first half, finally Steelers lightning attack to half-time, and complete a goal, the first half will not be embarrassed zero closure.

When the two sides entered a tug of war in the second half, third quarter with 3 minutes 36 seconds, lightning quarterback Rivers fatal mistake, a tried a long pass by Steelers cornerback Antoine – Blake (Antwon Blake) steals and all the way back to attack 70 yards touchdowns. Fortunately, this did not slump lightning, beginning the fourth quarter to complete a shot, to tie the game. Lightning team, after all, occupy the home advantage, the fans cheer, they once again made the right to attack and advance all the way to the end zone before the Steelers 10 yards, then Bill Gates is still the case in unmarked easy access ball touchdowns, Lightning team would score again. However, the offensive efficiency Vick appeared abnormal, just a long pass, put the score tied mdash; mdash; wide receiver Marcus – Witten (Markus Wheaton) received about 40 yards passing, found no marker, then jogging for about 30 yards to complete the 72 yards touchdowns, the score becomes 17 level.

At this point, the Lightning team start time control, stop short passes and ground offensive by killing game time, about five minutes later, they completed a shot, to lead again,
nfl 16 madden coins this time left in the game 2 minutes 44 seconds. Steelers contend more seconds, five seconds left in the game when lightning attack to the sounding of a half yards, the last attack really is the road to running back Bell to advance, although lightning defensive group to prevent sticking, but still struggling ball into the Bell touchdown zone, the score once again reversed, while the game time runs out. Eventually, the lightning in the audience occupy in active situations, it was the Steelers to 24:20 reversal, home to grief.

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