Lin Meng momentum to clinch the Clippers Hornets

WASHINGTON (intern reporter Li Ruyi) last night, the game NBA China Games in Shanghai Shanghai station Mercedes – Benz Cultural Center. Charlotte Hornets 113 to 71 to clinch the Los Angeles Clippers, this game Jeremy Lin played 17 minutes to get 13 points, had missed the Clippers point guard Chris Paul started, scored a game-high 17 points and 6 assists. This summer, Lin Hao, willing to accept
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NBA 2K16 My Team Points ‘condescend’ Hornets, only to find a suitable own play environment. From the current situation, all as he wished. He scored 16 points for the Hornets in the game this year the NBA China Games in Shenzhen station, eye-catching performance. Yesterday, he was starting debut in the first and third quarters of the opening cast two three-pointers greatly boost the team’s morale. The game, Jeremy Lin played 17 minutes, scored 13 points and five rebounds.

Last night, the Hornets team feel good, the whole game they hit 14 three-pointers, shooting up 56 percent, the team total of six players in double figures. After three games, the Hornets have been leading the Clippers with 26 points, the game early loss of suspense, both sides have put the fourth quarter off the bench. Ultimately, the Hornets than 71 113 victory, 42 points difference record in the NBA China Games biggest points difference. Hornets coach Clifford commented that Lin know how to use the stadium manufacturing space, the pick and roll scores did a great job. As a teammate, Marvin Williams evaluation Lin said, ‘he added, to bring us more possibilities team he performed very well in the game, led the entire team.

A game in Shenzhen on Paul because of injuries to fingers hanging ‘war-free card.’ Paul’s lack of organization, the Clippers’ offense has been a lot of influence. Yesterday’s game, Paul was the first opportunity. Is served, he dribbled flexible and good feel really make the scene the audience applauded. Paul can always find a sharp pass inside Griffin ambush, while the latter has attracted dunks audience cheers. It is worth mentioning that the game the second quarter, when Paul the free throw line, the scene of the audience chanted ‘MVP’, let him in Shanghai to enjoy the home treatment. The game, Paul got 17 points and six assists, Griffin had 14 points and 14 rebounds, but the Clippers other players misfiring, no score in double figures. China as a great opportunity to close contact with the NBA fans can, the game last night in Shanghai attracted a lot of sports stars to help out. Yao Ming, Liu Xiang, have appeared in the sidelines. Before the game, Jeremy Lin also deliberately ran over and hugged Yao Ming. Race gap, Yao also come center of the field with Jordan, Patrick Ewing, waving to the audience. Pictured Jeremy Lin (left) in the game.

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