Lions coach Staffordshire is still the starting quarterback

Detroit Lions in this week’s game halfway pulled quarterback Matthew – Staffordshire (Matthew Stafford), but his main position remains secure. In a 17-42 defeat to the Arizona Cardinals in the game, Staffordshire in the third quarter as well, but he still will work with the Chicago Bears in the game starting next week. Coach – Jim Caldwell (Jim Caldwell) indicates: It’s like a pitcher’s poor state, we will be taken off him. But he is still the starter. He is the team’s starting, no doubt about it.

Now Ye Hao, the future good, the team is not in dispute about the quarterback candidates. before departure, Staffordshire ball 32 times, completed 20 times, advancing 188 yards, scored a touchdown, while steals three times. Dan off the bench – Olomouc Ostrovsky (Dan Orlovsky) the same mediocre, a touchdown again steals. Lions in an uncompetitive way to lose the game.

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