Lions linebacker Levy will usher in the season’s first show

Dean Bradley – Levy (DeAndre Levy) will be at the Detroit Lions game against the Arizona Cardinals finish the season debut. The outside linebacker after a hip injury due to miss the first four games of the season, but the appointment of Levi as the game captain, Lions coach – Jim Caldwell (Jim Caldwell) Similarly, in essence,
madden 16 coins has been restored, said Levy Health can play.I think you might be able to assume this, Caldwell said. Levy will automatically strengthen
NFL 16 Coins Buy already begun to make progress in the first month of the season but still poorly performing lion defense group.

Levy is one of the league’s best pass anti-linebacker, but also the best defensive player lion. Levi last season with 117 tackles led the league in personal, 151 times the total number of tackles in the league in the second. In 2013, he tied for second in the league 6 steals. This year the preseason with his lion contract for four years. Lions record with four straight ushered in the next game, they are the only team in the league without victory team. In the first two weeks of face San Diego Chargers and Minnesota Vikings game difficult for them to do the anti-pass Road.

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