Lippi 2008 should return to national team

Lippi recently in an interview with Frank, in 2008 Donadoni after the Azzurri from school that he took over the Italian national team is the biggest mistake of his career. Lippi also said he is currently looking for the next job. ‘My biggest mistake is once again return to the national team before the World Cup in South Africa, I had already decided to leave, and then I go back just to return the team to trust me, the fact that I should not return in winning the World Cup two years later.

Beautiful moments in 2006 so that we trust each other, then Gattuso said to me, if you dare to leave I’ll kill you, and with Buffon affectionate sea scenes, these profound memories remained in my heart. ” When I coached the Guangzhou Hengda I said I’m 67 years old, do not want to coach, while the truth is that I do not want too far from home. Now
fifa ut ps coins I can watch all the games in front of the TV. If I find a Problems a team, I would ask myself if I was their coach, I might do, may also do ‘about the current situation
fifa ut ps coins of their own, Lippi said:.’ Now I want to take over a feeling interest of the team. ‘

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