Liverpool cry! God refused to leave Pakistan

The biggest challenge Liverpool’s summer transfer work, does not seem to buy people, but cleansed Balotelli. According to the British “Mirror” revealed the latest news, Balotelli would prefer to follow the child to train with the reserves, also refused to leave Liverpool. Reds make more depressing is that they have to pay a sum of Balotelli “loyalty bonus.”

Last summer, Balotelli to 16 million pounds worth joining Liverpool, in the past season, the bar of God played just 28 times for Liverpool, scoring four goals. So poor performance, so Liverpool against him thoroughly disappointed. This summer, Liverpool have always wanted to be clean, “Corriere dello Sport” confirmed that the Red Army was searched next stop is the bar of God Sampdoria, however, this transfer case in time to be reached, but the bar of God and sudden accident.

British “Mirror newspaper,” he said Balotelli I now refuse to return to Serie A, because studies root knot at the end, or a “money”. When the original Balotelli Liverpool, contract loyalty bonus added to this provision. According to regulations, as long as Balotelli can stay in Liverpool in the summer, then the transfer window closed, he will be able to get a bonus of up to 6 digits pounds, this is not a small sum.

Liverpool now has been to the bar of God completely lost patience with coach Rogers has told the ballot, he will be unable to train with the team the same line, so the bar of God recently only child together and the Red Army reserve training. Currently the bar of God for weekly wages in Liverpool £ 70,000, such a high salary, he certainly can not get in the Serie A, it is no wonder the bar of God chose to stay in the Red Army.

Earlier, British media confirmed that Liverpool will ballot sent to Sampdoria, actually willing to take the player up to 60% of salary, in other words, the Reds are willing to pay a weekly £ 42,000 bar of God, but the premise is that he was He agreed to leave. According to the current situation, the Red Army sent regardless of whether the final bar of God, I am afraid will face “huge loss” on the deal.