London Race slow dolphin filled pit failure lost Jets The evening of October 4

2015 years, NFL International Series game in London started the first
NFL 16 Coins Buy game, against both the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets. Dolphins slow in the fourth quarter despite attempts to fight back, but the bad offensive third gear and fourth gear failed attack them reversed. Jets in London with 27:14 victory over the Jets won the third victory of the season. The first section of the game is still the continuation of the dolphin show a slow start to the season since the offensive group, only to get a first attack, a total advance of less than 40 yards. The defense group is even more to make the Jets’ first two rounds of attacks have entered the red zone, got 10 points. Contribution for the Jets rushing touchdowns are running back Chris – Aiwo inside (Chris Ivory). The first section of the game the Jets 10: 0 lead dolphins.

II competition Jets scored the first, made a 13-point lead. Dolphins finally relying on two consecutive interference ball Jets defensive group (Pass Interference) fouls advanced 58 yards, Dolphins quarterback Tanneixier (Ryan Tannehill) seize the opportunity to win an 8-yard pass up array, the ball is Everett Stone Boehner (Jake Stoneburner). In this section, but the Jets last successfully converted two 3-speed offensive attack for the first file by Dekker (Eric Decker) took Fitzpatrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) 10 yards passing touchdowns. Let dolphin fourth consecutive with more than 10-point deficit into the second half. First half, Jets 20: 7 lead. The second half took the lead attack by the Jets. This round of attacks, the Jets reducing the number of passes, the running back Aiwo inside and Stacey (Zac Stacy) turns washed away. Dolphins defensive group unable to stop, let Stacey easily get two yards of rushing touchdowns.

Jets the lead widened to 20 points. In this section dolphins throughout failed to advance to within firing range of the kicker. This section eat a duck. Jets 27: 7 lead into the fourth quarter dolphins. Distal game started, Tanneixier finally found some state within 1 minute 3 passes success to get a second touchdown pass of the field, the ball is Steele (Kenny Stills). Soon the dolphins also organized a successful promotion, because the first pull people (holding) foul Jets, Dolphins 10 yards
nfl 16 madden coins in the Jets won a total of eight-speed offensive opportunities, but they still continued with the fourth gear third gear in this field Offensive converted to a file without a poor offensive performance, not able to score a touchdown within closer range.

In less than two minutes left in the game, four dolphins pass once again failed to pass all the touchdowns area. Only 3-game losing streak to swallow the bitter fruit. Jets celebrate the third victory of the season.

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