Magath optimistic about any football Cube Intelligence division surpassed Spain Germany Italy superior than France

June 20 news final week, the former marshal Bayern coach Felix Magath official Super League club Shandong Luneng, and with the fifa 16 coins team at dwelling to 0-0 draw with teams on the Hong Kong Shanghai. For the very first show in Germany Devils coach right after the game, polls showed that much more than 60% of the voting fans happy. And outdoors the stadium, Magath can also be one more approach to show his football wisdom – to join China’s most qualified sports football ahead of the major decision-making platform information cube, cube football as a worldwide information network particular intelligence division.

Magath optimistic about Spain, Germany and Italy win

Who hope it comes to European Cup win, Magath believes, Germany, Italy, Spain, by far the most championship phase. “Compared towards the favored to win the host from the French group, I personally more optimistic about Germany, Spain and Italy. Germans normally doing all within this contest the European Cup, the Italian has the best coach dominant game, Spain is definitely the defending champion, probably You can build three consecutive years of fifa coins buy history. “Magath also mentioned that this session of your Belgian luxuriously equipped, incredibly promising reached the final Four.

“France hosts a championship made full preparations, their players possess a massive heart, the key to have into the ball to win the game ahead of the finish. This new generation of French group had lots of very good young players, I come to be this year’s most promising Payer Cup very best player. “Magath said.

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