Mali Horta knee medial collateral ligament injury

Tennessee Titans head coach Ken – Wesson Hunter (Ken Whisenhunt) in an interview announced that the team quarterback
buy mut coins Marcus – Mali Horta (Marcus Mariota) team this week with 10-38 loss to the Miami Dolphins competition, knee medial collateral ligament injury. Wesson Hunter said there was still unable to confirm whether Mali Horta
buy madden 16 coins played next week. According to informed sources, Mali Horta’s injury is not serious, for him to walk normally not affected.

Titan opponent next week will be the Atlanta Falcons, NFL’s official website reporter considered a good chance of Mali Horta issued the first field. In the second week preceding the game, Dolphins defensive strikers Oliver – Vernon (Oliver Vernon) in Mali Horta after the ball came out from behind him for still lower grapple. This action led directly to the latter injury leave. Mali Horta has been wearing protective gear in the second half sidelines. He said Vernon had to apologize to him after the game. Hunt Wesson’s behavior is very angry for Vernon, Vernon directed his aim is to hurt Mali Horta.

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