Mallett will continue to serve Texans starting quarterback

Ryan – Mallett (Ryan Mallett) was demoted in the last game on the bench, but he will remain the starting quarterback post. Houston Texans coach – Bill O’Brien (Bill O’Brien) announced on Monday that although Mallett in team 21-48 defeat to the Atlanta Falcons in the game poor performance, he will continue to serve as team starting quarterback. \u0026 Ldquo; He is our starting quarterback, O’Brien said. and all of us, he knew he had
buy madden 16 coins to perform better. We had better performance. He had to pass the ball more accurate quarterback protection network in more calm, not to hand over the ball, so we played right offensive. But this is our first play the Indianapolis Colts decided to candidates.

Mallett in the last game 27 12 successful passes (44.4 success rate) to obtain 150 yards 1 passes steals, was replaced in the third quarter before his team behind 0-42. Backup quarterback Brian – after Heuer (Brian Hoyer) play off the bench, led the Texans face the Falcons defensive players get three touchdowns, as the team to save a little face. And after the first week of competition Mallett is thus obtained from the starting position Heuer hands. But this time O’Brien did not make a change. He also said that before the Texans game against the Colts short break is
madden 16 coins one of the reasons he made this decision. Whether long or short break, the truth has not changed: Texans still lack a good quarterback.

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