Manchester United official statement to fight back: Real Madrid not submitted documents in a timely manner

September 2 morning, the club on its official website regarding the transfer for Degea responded. Complete the following statement:
– Manchester United was not for sale Degea and contact Real. Degea is an important one team, the club hope he can stay.
– Until yesterday (local time), are not received on Degea offer.
– At noon local time yesterday, Real Madrid for the first time provides for the Degea offer. The two sides also reached an agreement in which the transaction Navas added that he would move to come to Old Trafford. Both players are interrelated transactions.
– The sum of the transfer operation of the last few hours, Navas still in Real Madrid’s training base. Meanwhile, Real Madrid hold Degea, Navas and Real Madrid tripartite relevant documents. While Manchester United only hold documents related to our club.
– Manchester United 20:42 (hereinafter both BST) in, have two players transfer data submitted to the Real Madrid. Real Madrid at 22:32 when Degea transfer data back to Manchester United, but the document does not contain the signature page.
-22: 40 from the transfer window deadline has been running out. The file transfer causes major changes in this transfer transaction there is a huge risk.
-22 55 points, Manchester United received from the hands of Real Madrid document, just for Degea the termination of the contract. And at this time, Real Madrid has not yet heard the Navas of relevant documents.
-22: 58, Manchester United received all the transfer data and upload it to TMS and were accepted. All operations are completed before the deadline.
– According to Manchester United it is understood that the deal can not be achieved because of the reason:
Real Madrid failed to transfer data to the Degea uploaded to TMS. (Manchester United have completed this part of the operation.)
Real Madrid failed to transfer to the Degea information submitted to the Spanish league. According to reports, Real Madrid seem more than 28 minutes late deadline.
– The truth is that Manchester United timely completion of the transfer of the paperwork, which the FA can attest. Manchester United can provide all kinds of assistance, including proof of a specific time to send various documents to Real Madrid, but Real Madrid did not go according to the flow.
Manchester United paid a sufficient effort in this transfer transaction. Now the club will be pleased to announce that our best players will still be two annual Degea a Manchester United player.

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