Mary’s first show amazing

Argentine Angel Di Maria in Manchester United had an unhappy season, summer 4400 pounds his move to Paris Saint-Germain prices. On behalf of the first match played in Paris, Mary would send 1 assists, helping the team to a 3-0 win over Monaco. And Mary said publicly in an interview to leave Manchester United because of Van Gaal.

Mary said: “Van Gaal has its own philosophy, which is one of the main reasons I left Manchester United’s Louis van Gaal wants to adapt to difficult, between me and him have a lot of differences..” Dimaliya start very well at Manchester United , but after a foot injury comeback, let Mary Van Gaal repeatedly kicking themselves unaccustomed position, which makes the angels could not get.

In this regard Mary replied:. “. I start well at Manchester United, but after I was injured since the beginning of things become not smooth, Van Gaal changed my position,” Van Gaal at the same time in less than Dimaliya then to Paris coach Laurent Blanc praised. He said: “I talked to Blanco, I’m sure he thought I was better suited to play the position at Real Madrid period.”

“Before coming to Paris, I never thought I would receive such a warm welcome. The fact that I’m really very happy to have my team here Ravitch and Pastore, I’m really happy. “Mary said of.

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