messi was confuse to charger

La Liga ( microblogging topic ) league, Barcelona ( official website data ) With Mathieu’s header beat Celta tough team to maintain their lead in the league in . Though gratifying victory, but the game was not so lucky for Messi, he crop failure in the game, while opponents have been repeatedly foul when the referee turned a blind eye, burst foul language Massey gas, when the value of referee became a small flea punching bag.


Battle in the former Barcelona Celta game, Real Madrid ( data ) in the home victory over opponents, but it also increases the pressure on Barcelona, ​​once in the game failed to beat the opponent, the Catalan team’s advantage will lead Real Madrid is reduced. Battle Celta crucial game for Barcelona, ​​but in this game, but it was the opponent’s Barcelona stubborn resistance, Messi in the game too many times into the opponent’s tight defense, failed to get a scoring opportunity. .

Macy very depressed, in the game, when it was knocked down opponents, the referee does not have any representation. Small flea broke out, he wielded his hand to express their dissatisfaction with the referee, and turned our backs to the referee after he whispered exposed the swearing, according to the interpretation of some of the lips experts say is a small flea: The XX raised, TMD.


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