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September 30 hearing the poor status of Chelsea and we lost them in the Champions League second round match 1-2 loss to Porto, Ivanovic guarding the right times become rivals breakthrough.
The game, Mourinho still fielded in defense this season, the usual lineup,fifa ultimate team coins left Quetta, the guard continued to be held by Zuma and Cahill, and the right Road still belong to the team captain Ivanovic. The Porto coach Lopez Chatterjee, a conscious choice of the right offensive guard Ivanovic, the effect is obvious.

matches, facing each other left wing Brahimi strong attack, Ivanovic struggling to parry, has been successfully break the opponent, very embarrassed. And he told the team’s two clean sheets have the responsibility, first tablets sudden the ball is coming in from the right after opponents hit the door causing blank range goal. Second clean sheet tablets, Ivanovic on bold grab a corner kick gave opponents, Porto took advantage of this corner will score again exceeded.

In addition, Ivanovic offensive performance of the game can not compliment, a poor cross in quality to the team a lot of attacks have failed.

start of the season so far, Ivanovic’s performance can be described as a disaster. He has repeatedly been a breakthrough on the right and use the opponent’s defense, the offensive end of the performance can not, and then ‘terror Ivan’ comparable period. His poor performance also attracted fans of ridicule, they nicknamed “Every team left winger with Ivanovic to play at Chelsea fight, have become a top winger.” Such ridicule from the side reflects the state this season, Ivan.

as the team’s exploits players, Ivanovic has a high position at Chelsea, Mourinho he is trust me. Under such a bad state Ivanovic, Mourinho still continuously make him the starting lineup, this choice also allows Mourinho paid a huge price, he has always been known for guarding against Mourinho this season There are only two games zero closure opponents, the team’s overall defense fell significantly. This has a direct relationship with the decline in the state this season, Ivanovic.

on the football field is constantly changing, turnover between the players is normal situation. Each player will have a state of decline of the day, something new replaces the old thing is the trend. From the current performance, Ivanovic apparently unable to continue competent team main right-back position, and the team is not no way to adjust this position, just as they do in the Champions League first round when the zero-closure Maccabi Tel Aviv so, let tower hit back at right-back, left-back as new aid Baba.

Although the winter to join since 2008, Ivanovic as Chelsea made a hehe military exploits, but now he is perhaps the time to fade out of Chelsea’s starting lineup. As for Mourinho, abandoned the disciple, update about the player’s perhaps a combination of the things he most needs to be considered now.

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