Mourinho to watch ‘on street corner with iPad’?


Jose Mourinho says he may not even watch Chelsea play Stoke as he serves his one-match stadium ban.

The under-pressure Blues boss claims he has prepared his coaching team for every single scenario – including losing 4-0 at half-time.

;I have no plans (to watch). Maybe I sit in the street corner with my iPad. fifa coins Maybe I don;t even watch the game,; said Mourinho, banned for comments about Premier League referees.

;I choose the team, I predict as much as I can the different aspects of the game and I try to prepare them better than ever.

;We have prepared for the most incredible scenarios that you can imagine. At half-time winning 4-0, losing 4-0.

;I travel with the team, until the moment somebody stops me, which I think is the stadium compound.

;I am stopped, not just to do my work, stopped to go to the stadium, stopped to something I love so much, football.

;Stadium bans should be connected to aggressivity. This is connected to words. I think this opens fifa coins it up to happen more in future.;

Mourinho was asked whether he would consider sneaking into the stadium in a laundry basket as he had allegedly done for a Champions League clash ten years ago.

;I don;t discuss. I told you, with Mourinho, funny stories are over,; he said. Spoilsport.

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