Munch The international competition a little ridiculous

Swansea coach Munch recently on the upcoming international competition expressed dissatisfaction, he said the international competition a little absurd. Munch led Swansea only won the last nine games of a field, Swansea and thus slipped to 14th
fifa 17 coins in the Premier League standings. In this case, Munch’s job in jeopardy, he also suffering from stress. Swansea and Bournemouth will usher in the Premier League next week. However, they will have 10 key players array because international competition and can not play. Munch very dissatisfied. ‘This international competition a little absurd,’ Munch represents. For me, this international competition pointless,
fut 17 coins to be honest it still a little ridiculous. It’s just the association of each country to make money trick. This is for any player have no benefit in terms, but only to bring to the club adverse effects.

You can carry out in the summer of next year the contest from the relatively recent times friendly, but which I can not control. I know that there are playoff, but others should not be playing this week in the national team game. In the distance the contest is still a long time, I think coach will not get much favorable information from friendly, such as the team’s tactics, or what needs to improve, because in the next seven to eight months, anything can happen. ” Sometimes there are some international competitions Japan significance of the game, but other than that I think this is very difficult in terms of disruption to the club to accept. ‘Monk last year May the official successor – Michael Laudrup became Swansea coach and led the team last season, the team made a record Premier League points.

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