National League South Falcons defeat the Saints war zone

Beijing at 8:25 on October 16, the Atlanta Falcons five straight wins and 4 losses away to the New Orleans Saints. Eventually, the Saints beat 31:21, the Falcons victory cleared the 2015 season the team group. Saints opening strike, quarterback Drew – Brisbane (Drew Brees) is worthy of elite quarterback, feel hot, the first wave of attack is very smooth, the running back Mark – Ingram (Mark Ingram) to complete the final a blow. Falcon’s first wave of attack is less successful in the first half Sidang Saints offensive even a yard off the ball, straight right hand over the ball, but fortunately the second wave of attack anti-lived saints, again to regain the ball. However, the Saints defense group and the SWAT team suddenly angry, not just sack quarterback Matt – Ryan (Matt Ryan), so the Falcons back a lot of yardage, and by Michael – direct positive seal fur Di (Michael Mauti) cover the punt, homeopathy directly back offensive touchdowns, Saints 10: 0 lead. Section II beginning, the Falcons finally pulled one back, wide receiver Rudy – White (Roddy White) received seven yards passing touchdowns.

Falcons Saints again after the next round of anti-attack, bang sounding attack to the Saints 20 yards, running back Thai warm Coleman (Tevin Coleman) has been knocked off the ball 10 yards, was grabbed Saints ball. However, the Falcons, after all, the team victory, anti-attack again next wave, change tactics, ground to promote more choice, and soon advanced to the sounding of the Saints 17 yards, but the center kick-off errors occur off the ball again once again gave the Saints the ball right. Fortunately, the Saints offense still can
cheap mut 16 coins not do anything before the Falcons defense, the first half was so miserably. Falcons offensive in the second half, but the Saints defensive group after a great midfield break state, the Falcons offensive group soon let fate rest. Saints offensive group finally seize the opportunity to gain 3 points shot, the points difference widened to 10 points. Falcon aspect, the
madden 16 coins offensive continued misfiring.

Saints wins while chasing, very smooth wave of attacks, and finally by tight end Benjamin – to Watson (Benjamin Watson) Bliss two yards touchdowns, points difference widened to 17 points again. The fourth quarter, the Falcons stumbled forward, suddenly running back de Fontenay – Freeman (Devonta Freeman) angry, ran the ball 25 yards touchdowns, the score closer again. Saints do not give the slightest opportunity, Bliss continued to maintain hot hand, frequently passing success, running back Ingram also provides a good ground support, the last yard touchdown by him. After a bout with both sides scoreless, leaving the Falcons last four minutes of playing time. 1:29 left in the game, the Falcons running back Freeman again 13 yards long run ball touchdowns, 21:31. After the Falcons play gamble failed, ended the game. Match Bliss Saints 39 pass 33, 312 yards 1 touchdown 0 steals the perfect play to help the team win. And many mistakes Falcons first quarter, so they lost the initiative early, but the performance is still eye-catching running back Freeman, the audience 13 times the ball forward 100 yards, 8 ball 56 yards, 2 touchdowns become the biggest highlight of the game.

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