NBA 2K19′ ‘Take The Crown’ Trailer And 25 New Screenshots Revealed

On Tuesday morning, 2K released its initially official gameplay trailer for NBA 2K19, and I was capable to grab 25 screenshots from the video.
This is not the nuts and bolts raw gameplay that a lot of fans will need to see on the game, however it does deliver the first actual footage of action from NBA 2K19. The trailer is called “Take the Crown,” and Jay Rock delivers the soundtrack for the video.

There are actually many different players featured inside the trailer like the cover athletes: LeBron James (20th Anniversary Edition), Giannis Antetokounmpo (Typical Edition), and Ben Simmons (Australian Edition), and also the rest on the Team 2K members.
I believed it was interesting to find out James Harden in the trailer just one year removed from the NBA Live cover.

Typically, NBA Live cover athletes aren’t featured in NBA 2K trailers-at least not prominently. It would not surprise me if Harden has already been chosen as the cover athlete for the normal edition of NBA 2K20. I am completely expecting-and hoping-to see Allen Iverson return because the man on the cover on the unique nba 2k19 mt coins at nbamtcoins, you can choose pc,ps4,xbox1,switch, and nba live 19 coins,build your MyTeam!

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