NBA China Games – Jeremy Lin 13 points and 5 rebounds Hornets 42 points victory over the Clippers

People Beijing October 15 (by Yang Lei) Beijing evening of October 14, NBA China Games in Shanghai station open play, the Hornets to 113-71 victory over the Clippers mad. Jeremy Lin scored 13 points and five rebounds. Al – Al Jefferson 17 points and 6 rebounds, 14 points and 10 rebounds Bartum. Braun bench – Roberts 12 points. Overall Hornets shot 14 of 25 three-pointers. Clippers feel nothing. Griffin had 14 points and 14 rebounds, Paul 17 points and six assists, others have failed to double.

Trey Clippers shot just 4 of 23. Competition for nearly one minute later, Lin pulled from beyond the arc after the screening finished, the ball reached Batum timely. Reddick Lin’s defense did not have time to keep up, Lin decisive shot, one-third of the hollow door. Reddick also to vote after a ball, Jeremy Lin cast hit the
2k16 mt emergency stop. The first section there are 8 minutes and 36 seconds, Jeremy Lin is not prepared to take advantage of the defender, slipped the basket, Zeller eye grassland, the ball gets to Jeremy easy layup. 16 seconds later, Lin immediately shot in the right side of the ball, and hit the third. Jefferson succeeded three times at close range, while Lamb also hit third, the Hornets would score out to 29-21 end of this section.

Section II, the Clippers counter-attack. This section there are four minutes when Paul hit twice in the cast, will once reached 12 points to narrow the gap. This section there are 2 minutes 22 seconds, Paul
nba 2k16 mt got the rebound initiated immediately after the break, after a basket ball Griffin dunks with both hands succeeded, fast boats to 42-48 behind. In this section there are 2.2 seconds when, after Reddick hit three-pointers, fast boats to 51-56 behind. More than half of the third quarter, resulting in a Jordan Zeller violated body foul, he throws a ball, Jefferson layup, but Batum alley-oop layup. In this section there are 3 minutes and 43 seconds, Batum deceive foul from behind the arc, three free throws, the Hornets to 76-58 lead. The third quarter and 3 minutes 26 seconds, just play soon rookie Kaminski also shot hit the long shot, the end of this section, Roberts rush to vote, there is a meter away from the three-point line for a long time on the jump shot, even also hit. Hornets to 85-59 ahead of the full 26 minutes, and ended the first three quarters. Clippers this section only 8 points.

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