Neville ‘over-stepped the mark’ with  ‘Dog and Duck’ comments


Valencia head coach Gary Neville has admitted some of his ;jokes; were taken the wrong way while he was working as a TV pundit.(click here to buy fifa 16 coins)

Neville last month took up his first head coach role when La Liga outfit Valencia decided to hand the former Manchester United full-back a five-month contract and the 40-year-old has (click here to buy fifa 16 coins) reflected upon his time with Sky Sports.

Neville, who developed into one of he most respected pundits in the industry, has admitted his comments were sometimes taken the wrong way and and he ;over-stepped the mark; with his David Luiz ‘playstation; comments and his remarks about Liverpool v Manchester United being (vist acheter fifa coins) like the ‘Dog and Duck;.

;There were moments when I over-stepped the mark. There were moments when I said things and thought ‘oh no, words come back. I didn’t mean that’,; he told the Telegraph.

;The David Luiz joke, the one about being a ‘Playstation player’. That wasn’t meant to be as disrespectful as it sounded. Even last year when I said Liverpool v United was like the ‘Dog and Duck;, because they were going through a bad time, it was actually meant as a joke.”

Neville has also admitted he now looks at football differently having spent time as a coach and in the studio since hanging up his boots in February 2011.

“The expanse of matches and teams I have watched is enormous and I can decipher more what I like and don’t like. It’s helped me understand more about the media and also about analysing football and watching it with a different eye,; added Neville.

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