Neymar Messi Barca kick for the first time to break into the 399 career goals

A battle with Sevilla, Barcelona, ​​although only got a minute, but the creation of a number of important data.
– Since joining Barcelona, ​​Neymar scored the first direct free kick.
– Neymar has scored 42 goals for Barcelona, ​​including 18 goals this season.
– Barcelona away record 10-game winning streak ended.
– Since the 2006/07 season, Sevilla still have not beat Barcelona.
Unbeaten since the last time since losing to Sevilla, Barcelona has 12 times against this opponent -.
– Barcelona completed 678 passes, Sevilla passing 248 times.
– Alba is passing the highest number of players, a total of 99 times, including 91 times accurate.
– Macy’s 19th goal to break Seville, more than any other team in La Liga rivals.
– In 2005, a total of 22 times on behalf of Barcelona Messi appearances, 22 goals were scored.
– Lionel Messi Barcelona first team scored a total of 399 goals, the next round of Barcelona’s home game against Sevilla, Messi will be the impact of the first 400 balls.
– Busquets and Pique are to regain the ball the highest number of players, each 11 times.


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