Nick – Young throwing chest dress fiancee debut airport said without shame for breast augmentation

Reported: ‘Huffington Post’ news, recently, the Lakers player Nick – Young’s fiancee Iggy – Azar Leah appeared in the Los Angeles airport, she’s a sexy dress caught everyone’s attention. Australia, the 25-year-old rapper was wearing a white, tight-fitting shirts, striking is this big deep V dress hollow design, so Azar Leah Breast looming. In addition to eye-catching clothes outside, Azar Leah also with a pair of black pants tight jeans ‘broken’ pants, plus a black belt, white thick with high-heeled shoes, white big bag of these accessories, fashion sense overflowed. In the fashion magazine last month published ’17 years’, the Azar Leah talked about their own things to do plastic surgery. ‘I will not deny that they have done plastic surgery,’ Azar Leah said, ‘deny this kind of thing is very bad.

I do not think a person should be made in order to change their bodies and feel ashamed, that’s why I In the talk about this thing, I did talk about change on their own, such as my chest. ‘Prior to the US media Bao Liu said there Azar
nba 2k mt Leah hips is long out through plastic surgery, but also received her chest plastic surgery. Azar Leah also admitted that plastic surgery is a difficult process, but also a process of emotional people. She also admitted that because of the media attention to their usual pressure. ‘You carry
nba mt points a lot of pressure, to make himself look very beautiful, there is too much pressure for you in front of people looking to achieve what effect,’ Azar said Leah. Azar Leah original Kelly, Iggy – Azar Leah is her stage name. Her career began at age 16, alone in the United States in recent years began in the American music industry is booming, took a lot of music awards. Nick – Young and she fell in love for a long time, the feelings of the two has been relatively stable. In June this year, Nick – Young in his birthday party Azar Leah to marry successfully. After the duo was still drying out the self-timer on social network photo, Azar Leah also a big show ring.

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