Odom has been foreign media exposed brain death

Jinghua Times were taken to hospital more than two days after the US NBA star Lamar Odom is still in critically ill state. According to US media broke the news, Odom has been unconscious brain death, but the news has
nba mt buy not been confirmed by the hospital. Odom, 35, earlier in an entertainment syncope, in the past two days, news Odom of constant reports about the progress of the disease, all about dying, organ failure, and rely on ventilator to maintain, brain
cheap 2k16 mt swelling very dangerous message. According to US media broke the news, a person familiar with the matter said,
nba 2k16 mt ‘Odom, there were no brain activity.’ And another added: ‘Odom has been brain-dead, after repeated testing, his brain did not have any reaction . ‘In addition, Odom kidney failure has also been, he has been doing dialysis. Another foreign media reports, local time Wednesday night Odom, who hold over Kohler Kardashian’s finger, then all this rejoiced. But on Thursday, analysis, gives doctors pledge pot of cold water. Doctors said that this may be just a mindless activity.

Odom event is still the focus of major radio coverage of the United States, many stars as Odom blessing. Durant made a statement very Odom, ‘I’m honored, I was able to have the opportunity to become the 2010 World Championships teammate Lamar Odom, when he had just helped the Lakers win the NBA championship. He has no shelf, always like a big brother to take care of me. From him, I learned a lot of things these days, whenever I think about it, I could not sleep, I have a faith, hope all this can be solved.

(Jinghua Times reporter SUN Yong-jun)Related Harden support his girlfriend to accompany Odom Jinghua Times News Odom’s ‘ex-wife’ Kohler Kardashian is currently in Las Vegas hospital to accompany him. According to US media reports, Kardashian’s current boyfriend rocket headed star James Harden accompany support Kardashian Odom. Under US law, although they have each signed a divorce agreement, but Kardashian and Lamar Odom has not completed divorce proceedings, both in the legal sense it is still a couple, therefore Kardashian Odom transactions for there is discretion. Although in the past few years the two became quite stiff, but now at stake Odom, Kardashian has been chaperoned around. US media reports, the current boyfriend Kardashian, rocket headed star James Harden did not object. According to inside sources, to accompany his girlfriend weather Odom, Harden also expressed absolute support. ‘James (Harden) has told Kohler (Kardashian), accompanied by Odom in this matter, nothing to worry about his feelings.’ (Beijing Times reporter SUN Yong-jun)

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