Odom Kohler clashed with ex-girlfriend back quite anxious Dayi Zi sister

YORK, October 18 reported: Former NBA star Lamar Odom’s condition just turnaround, his ex-girlfriend Lisa – Morales and Kohler – Kardashian between the edge of the bed erupted in conflict, the situation was tense. According to Radar Online website reported that Morales rebuked Kardashian Odom one person occupying the room, and even refused to give two children alone time with his father. Morales accused Kardashian Odom and their families in the critical moment control of the situation.

A source told reporters:
2k16 mt points ‘Morales told Odom friends, Kardashian and her family members attempt to completely control everything Odom in the past six months, where she went. ? what she was laughing at the folly of Odom on his family’s reality show ‘The source also said:.’ incident brothel owner Dennis – Hoff had tried to visit the hospital Odom, Kardashian this performance . a great anger and Morales did not much blame the boss, after
nba 2k 16 mt coins all, he also opened the door to do business spearhead Morales main points Kardashian and their families, ‘Lisa. – Mora Rice is Odom childhood girlfriend, the two lived together for many years and brought up two children, Odom’s eldest daughter, 17-year-old Das Platini, the second son, Lamar Odom 13 years old.

In accordance with the Kardashian family announced the news, when Odom unconscious when she let Morales from New York with her two children rushed over to take care of. And Morales has a different view on this, she said that it would come out at
nba 2k 16 mt coins the appropriate time to disclose the truth. Morales also accused Kardashian deliberately leaked to the media a positive message about himself, so that he can maintain a good public image. And all this really just a show for the public to see Bale. Morales most intolerable is that Kohler occupying the ward, and even refused to let Odom son and daughter (das Platini and small Odom) and his father were alone.

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