Owen Comment Double Red strongest array

This weekend’s double red before, has played for Liverpool and Manchester United legend Owen named the strongest team combination of both, which seats up to eight Manchester United, while Liverpool only present Turk, Coutinho and Skrtel 3 They were selected.

This season’s first two-Red started Saturday at Old Trafford, the two teams are currently 2 wins and 1 loss, ahead of Manchester United on goal difference. England old Michael Owen has played for Manchester United and Liverpool this rival, he selected the official website of the Premier League the strongest array combination of both. Most of the time his career as Liverpool’s Michael Owen picked up the only three Reds players, he said:. “I have played for both teams, know this list will make some people uncomfortable, FIFA Coins online Store but now in terms of strength Manchester United is slightly ahead of Liverpool. ”

Goalkeeper: De Gea (Manchester United)

Owen: “Manchester United to sign him when I was very lucky, is the team, he is a phenomenal goalkeeper, is currently one of the top goalkeeper in world football rare.”

Right-back: Damien (Manchester United)

Owen: “He really impressed me about him and Klein strength is very close, but I would choose him for Manchester United Damian was especially good…”

Zhongwei: Skrtel (Liverpool)

Owen: “He grew up as the central figure in Liverpool, strong and tough style, from too many good games, it is the number one candidate for the selection of the starting lineup when Rogers.”

Zhongwei: Smalling (Manchester United)

Owen: “He and I train together at Manchester United over the past few years, he has absolute power back, tall, fast and strong, only three quality opponents let him difficult to deal with.”

Left back: – Luke Shaw (Manchester United)

Owen:. “. This is a very easy decision to make, and in many ways he is the next most popular candidate in my mind for many years, he will become the main force of Manchester United and England.”

Midfielders: Michael Carrick (Manchester United)

Owen: “He is still the best midfielder of Manchester United, and I was lucky he repeatedly fought his feet balanced football brain developed, is definitely an underrated player..”

Midfielders: Bastian Schweinsteiger (Manchester United)

Owen: “Taking into account his achievements and experience, it is difficult to exclude him balance his feet, tough style, will become a key member of Manchester United..”

Right attacking midfielder: Coutinho (Liverpool)

Owen: “I’ll make the right Kudiniao ranks behind a single striker in three groups he grew up as one of the best players in this position, likes to counter attack from the wing or left on the right he is. a world-class player, the best Liverpool, he was the first attempt on goal or assists a person. ”

Left attacking midfielder: Pres (Manchester United)

Owen: “His United career started well, we can score goals but also to create, physically strong and fast, able to cut from the left wing.”

Attacking midfielder: Wayne Rooney (Manchester United)

Owen: “I’ll striker Wayne Rooney ranks behind him a great scoring record, will be the top scorer in the history of Manchester United and England, I think no one questioned him elected..”

Center: The Turk (Liverpool)

Owen: “He is a modern type of shooter, capable of leading the strike, let his teammates involved in the offense, feet and head can score as a single center, he can attract the two central defender defense..”

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