Pedro Mike Mussina can rate the Blues out of the woods

Chelsea winger Pedro believes that coach Jose Mourinho can rate the team back on track. Since the start of the new season, Chelsea underperforming front nine Premiership after only won three games, only ranked 12th in the standings. To do this, coach Jose Mourinho has also been a lot of criticism of the outside world, and even reported that the Portuguese had lost control of the locker room.

However, Pedro opinion, Mourinho has the ability to rate the team out of the woods. ‘He is a great coach, is able to help us out of the best candidate,’ offseason from Barcelona transfer
fifa coins xbox from Pedro expressed in the ‘Daily Star’ interview. ‘He will give our players into confidence, he communicate with us a lot. It is very important for the team, for the players
ut coin traders feel is also very important.’ After a stunning start to play, Pedro has not yet been Blue Bridge among his career to find the best.

Spaniard said, in order to help the team return to winning ways, Mourinho wanted him to put more energy into defending them. ‘He wanted me to bring to the team on the offensive end depth, trying to help his teammates defense, so as to bring confidence to the team, helping the team move forward,’ Pedro added.

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