Pittsburgh Steelers cut kicker Scobie After

Lost in overtime to Baltimore Ravens disastrous performance Thursday night race, the Pittsburgh Steelers replace the kickers. According to the NFL’s official website reported that the Steelers signed Chris – BOSWIL (Chris Boswell), and in order to
mut 16 coins free up space lineup, they laid off Josh – Scobie (Josh Scobee). Scobie in the fourth quarter last game two free throws three minutes free kick, resulting in the final team suffered a painful defeat. Apparently he does not trust his kicker when Tomlin (Mike Tomlin) facing fourth gear twice in overtime to attack – coach Mike.

Scobie effectiveness for the
NFL 16 Coins Buy Steelers four games 10 times free kick completed only six times, and also missed a second additional minute goal. Steelers in August with a sixth-round draft pick has been Scobie and his contract worth $ 3.425 million from the Jacksonville Jaguars. 24-year-old BOSWIL spent at the New York Giants training camp. He came from Rice University participated as unsuccessful rookie workouts Houston Texans in 2014. Never in the regular season had a shot opportunity BOSWIL has a strong leg strength, he will now be one of the most unfavorable stadium kicker in league play. He is the fourth season for the 2015 Steelers kicker played, after Sean – Sue Cham (Shaun Suisham) and Garrett – Hartley (Garrett Hartley) were placed on the injured reserve list.

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