Police did not rule out possible suicide Odom

Recently, the former Lakers star Lamar Odom in a brothel fainting, dying of news affects the entire NBA league. According to US media reports, Odom in three days frantically taking 10 aphrodisiac, and in his blood were detected cocaine, currently Odom four organs are failing, the doctor said he survived the probability is only 50 %. Brothel owner recalled that Odom in the accident had
NBA 2K16 My Team Points received a mysterious phone ago, which makes his mood changes have emerged. Currently, the police did not rule out the possibility of suicide Odom. Modern Express reporter Huang Chengyu blood tests showed had taken drugs, sex drug United States on Saturday, the former NBA star Lamar Odom enters a Nevada brothel carnival, on Tuesday was found unconscious and was later taken to hospital for treatment, not yet out of danger now.

According to US media reports, Odom three days unconscious in front of taking 10 aphrodisiac, but this drug as early as 2013 it was recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration as a dangerous drug, warning consumers to immediately stop using This drugs. However, Odom accident that brothels are still selling the drug, now police
nba 2k mt have seized in the brothel showcase all such drugs. Introduction of the drug on the back of the display, take one, and lasts 72 hours. Visible, not only the consumption of dangerous drugs Odom, also extreme excess of.

Police said at the time of receiving the alarm call, the other party has said Odom in addition to taking the impotence drug also taking cocaine. Odom hospital blood were detected in his blood, doctors also found cocaine ingredients. However, the drug is not what Odom news, a drug dealer in two years ago to see the amazing Odom drug addiction, in order to avoid the latter drug overdose cause unnecessary trouble, or even stop it for the drug traffickers goods. It is worth mentioning that, Odom patronize brothels called ‘Love Ranch’ is a legal brothel owner Dennis Hof has been 68 years old, he was in Nevada has opened nine chain stores, as well as a strip club. Odom was found collapsed on the ground that the two together with Odom prostitutes, were named Shirley Ryder and Monica Monroe, who was very afraid, screamed at once.

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