Premier League MVP Award: Red Devils Blues star Biao

September 21 News Premier League cruised to the sixth round of more than fighting, the majority of fans voted RUTHERFORD invite round MVP. Weekly “Premier League MVP Award” there or be square with you, your vote will decide who will become the round MVP, Come and take part! Candidates are as follows: in London derby in the shine of the Chelsea defender Zuma, scored twice Warcraft Ignatius Harlow, Premier League counterattack spree Mach Juarez, continuous flutter make God helpless goalkeeper Adrian City, staged magic Tottenham star Son Heung-Min week, the last round of state continuation Manchester United star Marchal.

Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal
Recommended hero: Zuma

London derby in, Diego – Costa controversial key means of course, the Blues new backbone Zuma equally valuable. 20 year-old teenager in the defense repeatedly use the speed and explosiveness sealed Arsenal’s rapid counter-attack, if not his two wonderful rescue,fifa coins Walcott had succeeded blitz. Deadlock moments, but also by positioning the ball Zuma Qiangdian break, he shot down three points to help the Blues. Terry then signs with the stunt, Zuma took Terry’s now the main force.

Newcastle 1-2 Watford
Recommended hero: Terry Harlow

James Park, 26-year-old Nigerian striker Ignatius Harlow center pillar role in the interpretation to the extreme, both in the team defending a corner when positioning the ball Qiangdian the siege, or the first field organization in place to actively steals fast break, Whether his teammates broke down after the fight rival defender substitute space, or at the time of the offensive team Qiangdian the center, he made amazing. Ignatius Harlow offensive and defensive highlights Jie, scored twice to help the team win …… Warcraft! See also World of Warcraft!

Stoke City 2-2 Leicester City
Recommended hero: Mach Juarez

Who is the start of the Premier League players to brave the longest? Scorer first, extraordinary list first, third in assists list Juarez Mach is the most powerful candidate. He is the best at this stage of the Premier League kick ball players wind. Against Tottenham, he scored when the team tied behind; the last round game against Aston Villa, he broke out at 0-2, two assists instigated reversal 3-2. 0-2 Lae facing another round of impasse, another mass shooting Jiangong Mach Juarez to help the team to snatch a point. Just because he played not wealthy, they ignore his brave the six consecutive performance? This is a crime!

Manchester City 1-2 West Ham
Recommended Heroes: Adrian

Manchester City five rounds darling, British media exclaimed: Who can stop the Blue Moon chariot? Spanish goalkeeper Adrian sneer: In my view, however, the first generation plug marked Sell! In a City audience directs it to 27 times, 50 times pass hit the war years, Adrian withstand high flutter, fighting seven times, 22 times off the pass, but even with 10 seconds flutter Aguirre Luo two shot, close-God flutter Toure (Y- K- Toure Toure), Otamendi scoring way to become Ittihad Stadium this evening godlike key man.

Tottenham Hotspur 1-0 Crystal Palace
Recommended hero: Son Heung-Min

Tottenham and Crystal Palace in the second half of the game hit the premise is still difficult to break the deadlock, the power players decided the game: Son Heung-Min scored the only goal decided the outcome. 3rd Spurs played on behalf of South Korea star scored the first three goals of individuals in these three wars, he twice became the key man to victory. Although many Chinese fans are reluctant to acknowledge the powerful East Asian neighbors football, but still to look at Britain’s major sports websites right: count how many headlines Son Heung-Min occupied the cover, you know that his popularity is a hard fact.

Southampton 2-3 Manchester United
Recommended hero: Marshall

Henry Marshall Premiership debut Formula scored goals, won worldwide acclaim, the voice said: once the opponent starting to focus on the French star, he would be difficult to renew the magic. But the second Premier League games, but has become more God Marchal: flash turn maneuvers a small range low shot once by a keen sense of smell to capture fighters, scored twice decide the game! More importantly, in the Premiership he was only 4 shots, three have formed a goal, he’s calm and efficient in front, enough for him to conquer the most demanding critic.

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