Premier League team boss wealth list

With the development of football, a team’s strength more and more of its financial constraints, so the club owner’s wealth behind the strength, almost became one of the decisive factors affecting the strength of a team. Recently, the British “Mirror” will be on the new Premiership season, 20 teams were ranked financial boss.

Among this list, the richest of the rich is undoubtedly Manchester City boss Mansour, his personal assets up to 20 billion pounds. The rich Middle East in 2008 after the White City, immediately throwing money tactics to Blue Moon became giants of European football team. Manchester City have now won two in a few years into the Premier League title, and among the new season, they are still one of the most popular contender for the Premiership title.

Second is Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, the Russian billionaire’s net worth up to 5.3 billion pounds. Over the past 12 years, he told Chelsea invested more than one billion pounds, which makes the Blues became one of the few pieces of the most powerful clubs in Europe today. It is worth mentioning that, if not devaluation of the ruble, Abu personal assets will be more. Lewis ranked third, his personal wealth has reached 4.9 billion pounds – Tottenham boss Joe. It is, therefore, Tottenham in recent years to lavish money.

Other giants aspects, ranking fourth Kroenke Arsenal boss, his personal wealth has reached 4 billion pounds. However, because of Arsenal’s shares are held by a few rich at the same time, which makes them become relatively cautious investment Arsenal. Manchester United boss Glazer family behind at No. 6, wealth level reached three billion pounds. Liverpool boss John – Henry ranked No. 10, the personal wealth of about 1 billion pounds.

Attached Premiership team owner Rich List:

1, Mansour, Manchester City, 20 billion pounds

2, Roman Abramovich, Chelsea, £ 5.3 billion

3, Joe – Lewis, Tottenham, £ 4.9 billion

4, Stan – Stan Kroenke, Arsenal, £ 4 billion

5, Mike – Ashley, Newcastle, £ 3.5 billion

6, the Glazer family, Manchester United, £ 3 billion

7, Ellis – Sauter, Sunderland, £ 2.4 billion

8, Catharina – Liebherr, Southampton, £ 1.9 billion

9, Victoria guess Sri Vata, Leicester City, £ 1.4 billion

10 – John Henry, Liverpool, £ 1 billion

11, Coates family, Stoke, £ 925 million

12, David – Sullivan, West Ham, £ 850 million

13, Randy – Randy Lerner, Aston Villa, £ 640 million

14. Giampaolo – Pozzo, Watford, £ 120 million

15. Maxim – Deming, Bournemouth, £ 100 million

16, Jeremy – Peace, West Brom, £ 50 million

17, Steve – Parrish, Crystal Palace, £ 45 million

18, Bill – Ken Laite, Everton, £ 33 million

19, the Morgan family, Swansea, £ 32 million

20, Alexandria – Smith / Michael – Venn – Jones, Norwich, 23 million pounds。


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