Premier League Transfers Summary: 20 Kuangshao 1.17 billion euros

If you use one word to describe a summer move to the Premiership, “crazy” very appropriate. Premier League undoubtedly become the protagonist of the transfer market, according to statistics, the 20 Premier League teams this summer spent a total 870 million pounds (1.17 billion euros), a figure even more than ranked second and third in the Serie A and La Liga transfer investment sum, but also broke the single-season move into the Premier League’s history. We can say that the Premier League transfer window in this topic is the “burn”, not only each branch giants spared no expense, and even some middle and lower reaches teams also joined the spree of the army, the Premier League league worthy of the world’s richest 24-year-old Debu Lao within (74 million euros), 20-year-old Sterling (62.5 million euros) as well as 19-year-old Marshall (50 million euros) set off a wave of Premier League transfer frenzy.
Manchester City even more powerful
Five in the Premier League giants, Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool three giants are the most to spend, where Manchester City but also the entire European first big burn, the total cost reached 2.0338 billion euros, after the lifting of the restrictions equitable fiscal policy, blue Moon in the transfer market liberalization hands and feet. Within, Stirling, Otamendi, Deer Fu, Roberts, Enes – and others to join them weak wing and defense has been a strong complement, we can say, Manchester City very good signings this summer, also best in the Premiership giants, several of their main players have successfully won. Among them, 74 million spent within Europe introduced become a summer marked the king, he and Sterling (62.5 million euros) will allow the Blue Moon unleashed, two people were only 24 years old and 20 years old, over the next few years will be Manchester City guaranteed on the offensive creativity. Furthermore Manchester City first team this summer including a total Lampard, Milner, Richards and Sinclair, including several local players leaving the team, which makes Manchester City in the introduction favorite target beyond the account of this supplement as points, Delphi, Roberts It is considering a move to join the like, both strength and accounts of the Stirling City is perfect for existence.
Manchester United continue deadline madness
Manchester United in the summer is the introduction of seven new aid, the total cost reached 1.3964 billion euros, Marshall, Shinaidelin, Pres, Schweinsteiger, Damian, Reagan – Poole, Romero ( free agent), and other seven players came to the Theatre of Dreams, the figure is the second highest Premier League, the third highest in the whole of Europe, where the deadline for joining the French U19 teenager is undoubtedly the focus Marshall, Marshall’s transfer fee up to 5000 million euros (available with additional performance to 80 million), Manchester United continued the transfer deadline of crazy, but this number revealed some frustration, Manchester United was confirmed in the summer intends to introduce Muller, Pedro Ramos, Bell a series of big, but ultimately failed to come to Old Trafford.
Liverpool Scratch 2.0
After the Champions League last season, Liverpool in the transfer market also was shopping spree, Rogers breath introduction of Milner, Klein, this Turk,fifa coins store Phil minoxidil and others, including eight players, total spending reached 1.1191 billion euros, of which Phil minoxidil and this Turk worth in excess of 40 million euros, both only 23 years old and 24 years old respectively. However, similar to last summer’s transfer of 150 million cargo sweeping Europe, Liverpool bought a bunch of “scratch”, to have a few winners remaining questions.
Chelsea loss supplement balanced
Defending champion Chelsea signings this summer, then take “one in one out” principle, Falcao, Pedro, Begovic, Baba respectively substituted Drogba leave, Cuadrado, Cech, fees Lippe. The most expensive deal but 27 million Euro introduction Pedro, while the total cost of the Blues reached 82.7 million euros, slightly Unfortunately, bad start in the league, team problems after exposure, Mike Mussina did for the defense radical reform, disappointing from Diluoboji, Chelsea’s performance deadline Gossip Stones target of 40 million to 400.
Arsenal into a wealthy alternative
Arsenal in the summer is not much movement, Wenger only the introduction of Cech a player, the gunmen also become the only five major league team without the introduction of non keeper position player’s club, but the total cost of 14 million euros, while Arsenal also Premiership player’s club to introduce a minimum, the number of other clubs signings are at least five.
River get together and record-breaking team
Premier League television revenue on dividends, middle and lower reaches of the Premier League teams can get tens of millions of pounds in dividends in the new season, so compared to other leagues, they also become a money-losing army, which spurs investment reached 7200 million euros, ranking 14th throughout Europe, Newcastle, ranked No. 15 (69.56 million), Aston Villa team relegation last season ranked No. 16 (66.45 million), and even newly promoted Watford investment also reached of 48.63 million euros. According to statistics, in the whole of Europe this summer into the Top 25, there are as many as many as 11 Premier League, Southampton (Van Dyk 15.7 million euros), Stoke City (Sacchi 1700 euros), Crystal Palace (Kaba yeah € 1,390), West Brom (Long Dong € 1700), Leicester City (Okazaki Shinji € 1,100), Bournemouth (Cummings 1130 euros), Waterford (Kapu Ai € 860) 8 both teams signings in team history to break the record.
Effect of title situation
By this summer, the arms race, Manchester City’s strength has been to maximize the expansion, there are two levels of close to almost every position player, which allows the champion to become the best prospects for the Blue Moon, now the Premier League cruised before 4 Manchester City 4-0, scored 10 goals and not throw a ball, so record it all. Chelsea’s defense has not been expanded, the introduction of Nantes player is only a good impression, but off the bench so important Felipe. Mourinho is in fact the most favorite defender Stones, but Everton refused to release this summer and even become window Premiership scene. Manchester United, Liverpool, although also strengthened the squad, but it looks like the general quality signings, while Arsenal just buy one person, but a good lineup of the thickness of the gunmen, who with reasonable.

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