Rams running back to help the team win Geer Li outbreak

Rushed the ball six times in the last week, advancing nine yards later, St. Louis Rams rookie running back Todd – Geer Li (Todd Gurley) said he has not
mut 16 coins yet demonstrated its characteristics. A week later, he let the fans see the actual performance of his unique place. Wide receiver Taung – Austin (Tavon Austin) indicates: he participated in the race, completed the outbreak, it is that simple. the whole game, Geer Li ball 19 times, advancing 146 yards.

He became the 2007 season since Adrian – Peterson (Adrian Peterson) after playing the first four sections, advancing more than 100 yards in the first-round running back. Beast-type running back who’s 227 pounds reflects a strong explosive power and speed, a single advance 52 yards impressive, still a critical moment in a row to complete 20 yards and 30 yards long distance forward. Defensive end William – Hayes (William Hayes) indicates:I knew he was different, but I have to admit that his performance is beyond my expectations. After today’s game, I’m sure his future will be very bright.

Geer Li represents: you know the feeling of a good game after the completion of a number of rods. You know, the fiery state must be taken to the next game. in addition, Geer Li also demonstrated the ultra-high basketball IQ. In less than two minutes left in the game, red ball to win the deal. He did not choose to force
mutcoin.com advance, choosing instead to take the initiative fell to the ground near the sideline. Eventually, the ram runs out of time, the advantage into a winning situation.

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